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Charles Stuart University

energy efficiency success

Charles Sturt University (CSU) has been recognised as a leader in energy efficiency, sharing in the top award at the NSW Energy Productivity in Action event in Sydney last night.

The University was one of ten businesses recognised for energy efficiency achievements and involvement in the OEH’s Energy Saver program and then went on to share the major award.

Manager of CSU Green, Mr Ed Maher said,  “Charles Sturt University is passionate about continuing to improve its sustainability performance in areas such as energy efficiency, not only because of the direct benefits that it provides to us as an organisation, but also because we have the opportunity to share these outcomes with others. “We share the vision of the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage that this may lead to broader confidence for others to also invest in energy efficiency, leading to economic, environmental and social rewards.”

“Energy efficiency often goes hand in hand with how well facilities are being maintained so we’re getting to know the facilities through access to information via our building management systems, that definitely leads to reduced downtime, and better client satisfaction.”

To save energy, CSU has implemented university-wide Optergy Enterprise building management information systems, refurbished lighting and installed a cogeneration plant at Bathurst, which will generate about 65 per cent of electricity used on campus.

Optergy Enterprise systems helped Charles Sturt University (CSU) in collecting and analyzing building data. CSU had 17 buildings across the campuses with multiple systems managing lighting and other energy usage. Using Optergy Enterprise as a single supervisory interface for all integrated systems, including HVAC and the cogeneration plant, CSU could identify opportunities in HVAC control and manage peak demands in real time by using the cogeneration plant.

The University is currently implementing an energy performance contract focusing on Bathurst and Wagga Wagga. The full article can be downloaded here.

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