Optimise VAV Efficiency

Air Flow Sensor | Optergy AFS-864 

Measure air flow more efficiently

The Optergy AFS-864 is a high-performance differential pressure sensor. Traditionally one of the issues with airflow sensors is the ability to maintain accurate airflow at lower flow rates.  You can get unmatched accuracy with the added confidence from an industry leading accuracy.

The Optergy AFS-864 is a more accurate airflow sensor with integrated temperature compensation to measure the airflow in VAV applications.  This means VAVs will perform more effectively and provide the following benefits to the end user.

Polarity-free connections on the Optergy AFS-864 means reduced installation related errors and call-backs for system integrators or installers.

Optergy Air Flow Sensor AFS

Better Control

Less Temperature Variation

Less Energy Consumption

The Optergy AFS-864 is a field replaceable unit.  This means that if the sensor is damaged, the entire controller does not need to be replaced.  Simply remove the damaged AFS-864 module from the main Optergy P864 controller and replace it.  This saves both time and money while reducing waste.

While the Optergy AFS-864 is often used in VAV applications it can also be used for:

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