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Smart Edge Controller Optergy P864 

Controls made simple

The Optergy P864 edge controller enables you to fully optimise your building performance by delivering smart monitoring and control with ease. You get real time processing capabilities and the added confidence that comes with a controller designed to fit your exact building needs.

With the Optergy P864, you get a smart building controller that will fit your exact building needs. Its simplicity combined with its versatility makes it the perfect programmable controller for whatever size building you’re working with, making your day-to-day job simpler as a system integrator. It’s not just hours that you get back – it’s comfort, reassurance, and reliability when you need it the most.

Optergy P864

the best control solution for projects of all shapes and sizes

Optergy P864 Smart Edge Controller

Optergy P864, a Smart Edge Controller that operates building equipment autonomously and expands up to 8 IO modules totalling 144 hardware points. Connectivity is made easy via BACnet IP (PoE), MS/TP, MS/TP routing, and Modbus gateway. The P864 is truly versatile, and can also be managed by 3rd party software using its built-in REST API.

Smart buildings feature numerous applications that require integration using Optergy’s Smart Edge Controller. Applications include systems such as HVAC, central plant, VRF, lighting, hydraulic systems, along with energy, water, gas monitoring.

When coupled with Optergy’s software and more than 50 built-in applications, contractors have a complete standardized solution for smart controls, smart metering, utilities billing, after hours billing, automated reporting, live dashboards and foyer displays.

The P864 fits a lot of applications on its own, however when needed for applications like central plant or as a small building controller, the P864 can be expanded using the Optergy 864e expansion controller.


Optergy p864

How can we help you?

For end users, complex system components are hard to manage and often require skilled help to manage. Optergy P864 can be managed with a simple web browser and a password. No special manufacturer software needed. You are never locked out of your own system.

The P864 can be used in legacy BACnet systems, expanded to support new sensing elements or connected to IoT using a built-in REST API.

This controller supports connectivity with BACnet both as a programmable IP or MSTP controller but also as a router.

No other device supports as many features in a economical, compact and scalable way.

Fewer parts means fewer spare parts to stock and a simpler maintenance experience. Traditionally, manufacturers created many parts at many different price points. This often results in unpredictable pricing during service and unnecessary complications.

By using a standard footprint and pin layout installation and service becomes much easier.

No other device supports as many features in an economical, compact and scalable way.

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