Optergy Edge

Bring your data together across your buildings with IoT Hardware for smart building control

Optergy Edge Product Range

Control without limits

Process and control with the Optergy Edge physical on-site IoT hardware data acquisition range that empowers you and your organisation to deliver operational excellence and delight to every customer.  These range from data reservoirs and secure cloud connectivity nodes, to real-time controllers for processing and control within the building envelope. Optergy Edge acts as the connective layer, utilising real-time metrics and high-level control to undertake strategic actions within the field.

Optergy P864

Optergy P864 Smart Edge Controller

Transform your buildings into data-driven high performing machines. Keep in the know with complete transparency into your building or facilities performance with Optergy programmable controllers that generate and aggregate data on conditions related to equipment operation and energy consumption. Then share that information with your BMS so that you can measure and optimise on the fly.

Optergy 864e

Optergy 864e Expansion Controller

Need to add more applications? No problem.

Expand your control capabilities with the Optergy 864e. Simply add and expand – no confusion, no problems – just heightened control.

Optergy Air Flow Sensor AFS

Optergy Air Flow Sensor

Ensuring  ample clean airflow distribution within your spaces is now more important than ever. Improve the quality of the air in your indoor environment for cleaner and healthier spaces. When your occupants feel comfortable and safe, they have the best environment to work more productively and perform at their best. Put simply – happy & healthy staff means better work output!

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