Building Management System

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Optergy BMS Applications


Building Management System (BMS)

Optergy Building Management System (BMS), is software that allows users to monitor and control equipment within a building.
With an efficient BMS, you can easily achieve a high level of comfort for all building users. It will also assist in reducing operational costs, such as labor and energy expenditures.

To ensure the efficiency of your building, our built-in applications enable contextual displays, smart alarming and conducts in depth analysis of the building’s operation.

Optergy’s software integrates with BACnet and Modbus protocols, the industry’s standard for HVAC equipment. Users can stay connected and have full control over the building assets.

Optergy building management system


What to Monitor

Optergy’s built-in tools and applications enables the following smart solutions:

How to Stay in Control

With effective monitoring also comes efficient controls.

Automated Time Scheduling

A smart building operates on its own schedule of operation, using built-in automated scheduling and calendar features. Buildings can be further automated during occupied times to be operating at peak comfort and performance while being efficient; reducing loads for nights, weekends, and holidays.

Example of Time Configuration

Optimum Start

 Optergy Monitor & Control

Smart building operation features automation such as optimum start. It facilitates comfort control and compliance to specified building operation for tenant spaces. Energy efficient features such as automated meter reporting and demand management can help rein in runaway costs.

More Applications

Optergy Applications EMS

Energy Management System

Visually appealing real-time reporting system displays all utility in a building.

Optergy Applications Tenant Billing

Tenant Billing

Automatically generate any utility billing content for all your tenants, as well as the ability to charge for after hour usage.

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