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Optergy for Owners & Consultants

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Smart buildings are driven by outcomes rather than technology. Smart buildings achieve great outcomes with the simplest use of technology and least amount of cost. Smart means that a building is accessible for everyday people to gain wisdom and insight to operate effectively, not just engineers.

Smart buildings feature numerous systems that require integration using BACnet, Modbus, REST API. They may include systems such as HVAC, central plant, VRF, lighting, hydraulic systems, along with energy, water, gas monitoring as a minimum requirement.

Optergy’s smart building software has more than 50 built-in applications providing insight, enabling smart controls, metering, utilities billing, after-hours billing, automated reporting, live dashboards and foyer displays.

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Cost Recovery

Automated utilities, a billing app to bill tenants based on consumption and demand from metered utilities all assist the building owner in recovering costs. In addition, add after-hours billing to recover further costs related to tenant usage that is outside the agreed lease hours. Tenants can engage the system using the Optergy mobile app on demand, or schedule in advance.

Easy HVAC Management

Apps for users, groups, scheduling, trend logging and notification management make it easy to manage your HVAC systems. Also, ensures building conditions are always comfortable.

Consistent Reporting

With standardized apps inside every Optergy product, it’s easy to produce a standard reporting format across assets for utilities such as gas, water, electricity, thermal, diesel and waste.

Easy Configuration

Buildings are dynamic environments. When tenants change, a smart building is dynamic enough to change with it. Optergy’s tenant billing app allows owners and FM’s to update tenant billing details easily without calling in a contractor.

Combined BMS and EMS

To achieve real efficiency, building tuning requires insight, not just raw data. The HVAC plant and lighting makes up approximately 70% of electricity consumption in a typical commercial building. Tuning the HVAC operation, then directly seeing live the impact on energy performance provides insight and a constant feedback loop enabling continuous improvement. BMS and EMS combined provide insights that are more valuable than the sum of both parts.

Demand Management

Allows HVAC plant to be linked to the main incoming electricity demand. Optergy’s demand management app then automatically controls demand ensuring you never exceed defined limits, saving thousands in demand charges.

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Our Top 3 Applications

Optergy Applications BMS

Building Management Systems

We create building automation software that can be used to monitor and control equipment and operations.

Optergy Applications EMS

Energy Management

Visually appealing real-time reporting system displays all utility performances in a

Optergy Applications Tenant Billing


Automatically generate any utility billing content for all your tenants, as well as the ability to charge for after hour usage.