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Optergy provides effective tools to help manage your building’s comfort conditions and improve tenant retention. By improving comfort conditions (temperature, humidity and ventilation) you can ensure your tenants are happy and more productive.

Optergy Information System

Connect, manage data, target waste and improve operation

Automated Reporting Systems

Easy Configuration

Complex systems can be a pain to manage. Use Optergy’s automated reporting system to easily find wasted energy, quickly identify comfort condition problems and simplify management reporting across utilities.

BMS Dashboard

Smart Alerts | Optimum Start | After Hours

Optimise Building Performance

High performing buildings react quickly to save energy, costs and keep tenants happy. Stay alert and monitor any building faults with contextual information.
Make your workplace productive. When tenants arrive, the building is ready for them and if needed, your tenants can make changes to use the system as needed.

Contextual Display | Analytics Based Outcomes

Improve Energy Efficiency

Let visual cues guide you in managing your high-performance building.
Gain intelligent insights into operations using customizable content.
Help users target waste and identify opportunities to save cost, energy and time.

Tenant Billing

Tenant Billing | After Hours

Accurate Cost Recovery

Some tenants work irregular hours and need to use the building outside normal occupied times. This usage could be considered as unintended utility consumption. 

Using Optergy’s tenant billing system, you can stay in control of your utilities expenditure, as well as capturing unusual utility consumption.

Integrated Management Systems

Increase Asset Value

Improve the asset value, building yield and reputation of your building with an integrated building and energy management system.

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Places you will find Optergy products

Sydney Central

NSW, Australia


Sydney Central achieved $40,200 savings in their first year

Optergy was selected as the automation and energy management solution in 2009 during redevelopment because of its ability to provide visualisation of control strategies and feedback through automated reporting of energy consumption

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