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Expansion Controller Optergy 864e

Control without limitations

Extending your control capabilities should be the least of your worries.  Have more inputs and outputs you need to add? No problem!

With the Optergy 864e expansion controller, you can add more to your controls with easily increased universal inputs and outputs.

The Optergy P864 fits a lot of applications on its own, however when needed for applications like central plant or as a small building controller, the Optergy P864 can be expanded to a total of 144 input and output data points.  

Optergy 864e

Need more inputs or outputs because your site is dynamic? The P864 can be expanded to up 8 times using a 864e Expansion IO module.

The P864 can be used in legacy BACnet systems, expanded to support new sensing elements or connected to IoT using a built-in REST API.

This controller supports connectivity with BACnet both as a programmable IP or MSTP controller but also as a router.

No other device supports as many features in a economical, compact and scalable way.

864e (Expansion IO Module)

Building automation, building management systems, energy management systems, tenant billing

P864 + 864e (expansion)

P864 + 2x 864e

The Optergy 864e (e is for expansion) adds another 8 universal inputs for sensors or pulse meters, 6 relay outputs and 4 analog outputs to control motors and devices. Fully expanded 1 P864 can have up to 7 connected Optergy 864e to make one very powerful BACnet controller. All with no special licensing needed.

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