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Optergy for Building Contractors

Optergy for Building Contractors

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Building automation has numerous components that tie together to make a complete system. For contractors, there are a number of challenges to successfully estimate, engineer and deliver these systems.

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Quality Product Differentiation

All controls contractors have the ability to create graphics, programming, schedules, trends and alarms through a variety of systems. At the contractor level, differentiation is mostly done through reputation and delivered quality of the project. In the modern construction world, contractors are expected to deliver the highest quality at the lowest price, leaving little room for profit.

More Standardization

The lack of ability to quickly replicate content makes the speed of engineering & delivery more time consuming and costly in terms of labor. Remember for a contractor, the cost of labor is nearly 2/3 of every project.

Improve Inventory Management

Having the right products on hand, but not sitting unnecessarily as stock and losing warranty before being deployed is critical to managing the project profitability. Compounding this, many contractors work with product lines that have a plethora of models with variant configurations. Normally each with its own installation and wiring characteristics and may have licensing that needs to be added at a later time. This can be time-consuming to manage, but can also leave designers with too many choices, leading to errors in both design and field deployment.

Less Technical Complexity

With variant controller configurations, it becomes difficult to replicate and leverage previously completed drawings, programming and graphical work used on other projects. This can also create disruption when variant configuration across multiple devices then requires higher skilled labor or specialized training. Training often involves additional cost due to travel and lost productivity whilst training.

Free Software & Firmware Updates

Software and firmware updates are needed to manage features, problems and security. Some manufacturers require maintenance agreements or recurring fees to continuously support their manufactured product (during the warranty period or after). The products themselves often require the connection of special licensed software, requiring a technician to go to site and service the software on premise. From a contractor’s perspective, losing a laptop or turning in a leased machine means reinstalling special software and getting a license transferred (all non-value activities).

Operate your building with success

Our Top 3 Applications

Optergy Applications BMS

Building Management Systems

We create building automation software that can be used to monitor and control equipment and operations.

Optergy Applications EMS

Energy Management

Visually appealing real-time reporting system displays all utility performances in a

Optergy Applications Tenant Billing


Automatically generate any utility billing content for all your tenants, as well as the ability to charge for after hour usage.