Optergy Insights

Simplify building control to deliver efficient & productive environments for all

Optergy Insights Product Range

Interactive portals for data-driven insights and control

The Optergy Insights range is utilised for data visualisation and control of the built environment from one user interface, accessible anytime, anywhere. With Optergy Insights, you have the scalable hardware and software to maximise operational efficiency, reduce risk. Plus, you can empower your teams to operate more efficiently, while increasing their ability to make fast, confident decisions.

Optergy Enterprise

Integrate your building management, energy management and facilities management tools with Optergy Enterprise complete building optimisation software. Quickly spot trends, analyze results, and understand key drivers that are impacting your business and building performance.

Building owners and managers now have access to one user-friendly platform to monitor and manage system performance and building activities.

Building automation, building management systems, energy management systems, tenant billing

Optergy Proton

Optergy Proton is an innovative web-based building controller that combines both building management and energy management features. It is fully scalable and operates within small to medium size buildings, but can also be utilized in larger solutions as well. The intuitive web interface provides you with real time access to understanding your buildings performance.

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