Meet the All-New Optergy P864 v4 Edge Controller

The most versatile IOT Edge Controller on the market

The fourth generation of the P864 Edge Controller represents Optergy’s efforts to continuously improve reliability and functionality of its products.

After 5 years of relentless innovation and improvement, Optergy is proud to announce the latest and greatest iteration of the P864 Edge Controller. With a focus on reliability, functionality, and safety, the P864 v4 Edge Controller sets a new standard in the building automation industry.

Highlights of the Physical Upgrades:

P864 V4_1@300x-8

Professional modern design

The P864 v4 Edge Controller is not just a physical powerhouse but also boasts updated software to suit. With the release of software version 6.0.7, the P864 v4 now offers the ability to connect up to seven Optergy Air Sensors and improvements to the programming tool, user interface, and interoperability with the Optergy 864e expansion module.

Optergy has also upped its game in testing, with new procedures and methodology to ensure the best possible product for our customers. The P864 v4 Edge Controller has been deployed in numerous sites and has undergone rigorous testing, including software validity tests, hardware production testing, local bench testing, multiple cycles on a testbot, and internal site testing with daily monitoring.

For all the details, log into the Optergy Customer Portal and follow the links for more information. Get ready to experience the future of building automation with the Optergy P864 v4 Edge Controller.

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