Amplify your building applications with 864e Expansion IO Module

An input and output expansion module for use with the P864 controller

If you manage a building, then you know how powerful it is to have seamlessly integrated building applications.

Introducing the perfect P864 companion, the 864e, the ‘e’ stands for expansion. The P864 already fits a lot of applications on its own, but when more inputs and outputs are needed for applications like central plant or as a small building controller. A single P864 controller can be expanded using 1 or more 864e modules to create up to 144 hardware points. The expansion makes the BTL listed P864 a very versatile and scalable controller product. Find out more about the P864 smart edge controller.

More time saving, less time wasting

Each 864e supports:

• 8 universal inputs (thermistor, 0-10V, 4-20mA, raw counts, dry contact, or pulse inputs)
• 6 binary outputs (relay contacts NO/NC)
• 4 analog outputs (0-10V or 4-20mA)

Each of these outputs can be used in conjunction with a DDC program running in the P864.

The data points are instantiated using BACnet and interoperable across the BACnet network.

Designed to be contractor friendly, each 864e has the same footprint as the P864 and can be installed the same way. The connections are in the same place making it easiest to wire and save time at installation.

Safeguard your operations

In the event of communication loss between P864 and 864e, Optergy’s thoughtful design has enabled a backup mode of operation where the device can continue operating at its last known value or in a predetermined fail-safe mode of operation. The device will signal any loss of communication for fast and easy troubleshooting. Diagnostic LED will also blink to let users know its current state of contentment.

All the setup can be done using a built-in web user interface or using Optergy Proton or Optergy Enterprise.

Get started with P864 & 864e

At last, you can have a controller that is just the right size for the needs of your day. To learn more check out the P864 Smart Edge Controller.

Start saving time and enhancing your customer’s building controls by delivering the P864 & 864e Expansion IO Module today. Contact us to find out more about becoming an Optergy Reseller and get started with the Optergy product suite today.

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