Enhancing Energy Efficiency and Indoor Comfort with Optergy and IQNexus Integration

Waitaki Boys Highschool

Project Details

Project Description

Waitaki Boys High School, as the second oldest school in New Zealand, faced unique challenges in heating its premises efficiently. The project aimed to integrate advanced technology solutions to enhance air quality and energy management within the school’s multiple buildings, aligning with New Zealand’s focus on healthy learning environments, while also preserving the integrity of its heritage buildings.


The main opportunities included controlling an outdated heating system, improving air quality, and integrating a comprehensive building management system. There was a significant need for technology that could link air quality sensors with the building management system, as the school’s existing electrical system only included basic meters.

About IQNexus

IQnexus is strategically located in New Zealand between
Asia Pacific, Australia and South America. Our purpose is to facilitate digital transformation and the implementation of sustainable technologies for the region.

IQnexus is part of the Brunata-Minol-ZENNER group, a German consortium whose roots can be traced back over 100 years and began with the development of devices for recording energy consumption.


Led by IQnexus, the project saw the integration of Optergy’s advanced P864 controllers, which played a crucial role in managing the heating systems and CO2 sensors across the school. These controllers enabled the effective management of an older boiler system and laid the groundwork for future upgrades to more sustainable heating solutions. The project also involved installing energy meters and leveraging Optergy’s versatile ‘Lego block’ approach. This allowed for an open and adaptable system, capable of interfacing with products from other companies like Thermokon.

The layout comprises multiple buildings, constituting a large-scale installation. One of the educational aspects for the school staff was understanding the type of data available and how to utilise it effectively.

Specific Applications:

The project incorporated 64 CO2 sensors, along with VOCs, and temperature and humidity sensors. Each building was equipped with a P864 unit, allowing for comprehensive monitoring and control of the heating systems and air quality.

Problem Solving:

The products addressed the challenges of managing indoor air quality and energy efficiency in an aged infrastructure. They provided a centralised solution for monitoring and controlling various environmental parameters.

Integration and User Experience:

The integration of Optergy products was notably smooth, with the dashboards being user-friendly and intuitive. These dashboards facilitated easy monitoring of the boiler, air quality, and energy consumption, enabling steps towards net-zero targets.

Real-Life Application and Energy Management:

The implementation demonstrated how Optergy products could be used in real-life applications for both Energy Management Systems (EMS) and Building Management Systems (BMS). Users could identify excessive energy usage in specific areas and adjust accordingly, offering a comprehensive view of energy and building operations.

Notable Features and Scalability:

The implementation of a Building Automation System by IQnexus at Waitaki Boys High School has proven to be a successful endeavour, resulting in improved indoor air quality, energy efficiency, and operational effectiveness. This case study serves as a testament to the benefits of adopting advanced building automation solutions in educational institutions, ultimately creating a better environment for learning while reducing operational costs and environmental impact.

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