Chadstone Commercial Office Tower

Malvern East, Victoria

5.5 Star NABERS Rating

Project Type

Building Management System (BMS) & Energy Management System (EMS)


1341 Dandenong Road, Malvern East, Victoria


Vicinity Centres



Property Type


System Integrator

Alerton Australia

The Chadstone Commercial Office tower is a 10 level collaborative workspace that overlooks Chadstone Shopping Centre, the largest shopping centre in the southern hemisphere. Connected to a massive bus terminal, tenants of the office tower have convenient access to the tower through Victoria’s public transport network.

The system integrator utilised an Optergy Enterprise BMS to gain better control of the numerous new upgrades implemented into the building including chillers, boilers, AHU’s, tenant condenser water systems and 175 VAV’s. This provides tenants with a much more ideal work environment to help improve comfortability and facilitate their performance.

Chadstone Commercial Office Tower

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