Optergy Joins Forces With Tosibox

Optergy has added Tosibox to our growing scalable IoT solutions that improves the remote connection between building owners and their small to medium-sized buildings.

In today’s digital age, businesses are relying more on technology to store sensitive data and conduct operations, making the need for cyber security of utmost importance. 

The Optergy Tosibox solution provides a reliable and cost-effective way for building owners to remotely connect multiple sites on the same platform, enabling secure access with enhanced accessibility and security for multi-site user management.

Tosi Box utilises features such as two-factor authentication, automatic security updates, and sophisticated encryption technology to ensure that data is protected from unauthorized access. Tosibox creates a direct VPN tunnel between physical devices, so only trusted devices can access the network, adding an extra layer of security to the system.

Utilising the Tosibox product in conjunction with our solutions, Optergy can ensure enhanced digital security, stronger energy efficiency, and increased interoperability for building owners and operators across small to medium-sized sites. 

“We are excited to partner with Tosibox, as this will enable us to offer the Optergy network a cyber secure, reliable, cost-effective solution for remote site connectivity and management,” says Imtee Baksh, P.Eng, Director of Global Business Development for Optergy. “

Optergy’s scalable building management, energy management and tenant billing solutions enable improved wellbeing, engagement, productivity, control and security.  The partnership is changing the game in the small to medium-sized property sector by delivering a reliable and secure solution that is scalable across multiple sites, improving connectivity and cybersecurity across the board.


Key Features



Secure Remote Connectivity


Tenant Billing

Multi-Site System Management

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