Indoor Environment Quality Tool to Support NABERS IE Reporting

Indoor Environment Quality Tool

Introducing an Indoor Environment Quality Tool to support NABERS IE reporting

Have you ever had to compile reports for NABERS Indoor Environment rating? If you have, you would know that in order to do proper Indoor Environment Quality reporting you need to have compliant report format and data setup for 15 minute intervals.

NABERS Indoor Environment

Optergy has developed the NABERS Indoor Environment (NABERS IE) compliant tool called the Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ) Module to simplify NABERS IE reporting. With this tool the user can use its normal trendlogs to create NABERS compliant user interface and reports. The IEQ module has tools to help report on Thermal services, including temperature, mean radiant temperature, humidity and air speed, in accordance with NABERS IE guidelines.

The IEQ module is available as an option to Proton or OE (v 2.4.12 and later). This software can be easily added to an existing Optergy system or any BACnet BMS. This means you can save a lot of time and effort gathering report data with the IEQ tool.

If you want to learn more about NABERS IE, you can obtain a copy of the NABERS IE guide here.

We know that NABERS IE reporting can be a gruelling process, and we believe it’s our responsibility to arm our clients with the insights that they need to simplify the process and be successful.