Gain a real-time estimate of your NABERS sustainability rating to truly understand how your buildings are performing

Key benefits

Compliance and Performance

Star Rating Demonstrates Performance

Australia uses a sustainability rating system for buildings called NABERS (National Australian Built Environment Rating Scheme). NABERS uses a star rating 0-6 stars (where 6 would be the pinnacle of performance) to measure energy performance.

Better rating improves building economics

A higher NABERS Star Rating will help you with:

The Optergy solution can help you improve your NABERS Star Rating through improved building performance.

Indoor environment assures
compliance and performance

Indoor Environment (IE) factors have direct impact on productivity, building economics and comfort conditions. 

Using the NABERS IE assessment you can measure the quantitative and qualitative measurements that affect IE conditions. Optergy has built-in NABERS IE reporting that can be used as a tool to improve NABERS IE score.