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Smart Buildings Show 2018

Smart Buildings Show aims to connect visitors to the latest information and technology in the smart buildings industry.

We will give visitors the information they need to arrive at an informed decision on how to make their buildings more economic for owners and more functional for occupiers. The Smart Buildings Show will take place at the Barbican, London, Exhibition Hall 2, on 7-8 November 2018.

Optergy, will be exhibiting (STAND H3) at the Smart Building’s Show featuring its award-winning products and introducing its latest P864 Smart Edge Controller. When coupled with Optergy’s 50+ Apps users will discover how to create smart and economical buildings that have great outcomes.

We are looking forward to meeting our visitors and getting acquainted with our smart building products. We will discuss how smart buildings can be transformed to improve productivity and display contextually relevant information for building operations.

Open Building Controls for Smart Connected Buildings

Optergy new smart edge controller P864 side view

Optergy new smart edge controller P864 
We will showcase our brand new smart edge controller, the P864 by Optergy, takes a big step forward and operates building equipment autonomously. This makes building system connectivity easy while also maximizing performance and efficiency. The P864 combined with Optergy software provides a complete solution for smart controls, smart metering, billing, reporting, dashboards & displays. It features a programmable BACnet Inputs and Outputs to further extend on our award-winning Proton and Optergy Enterprise platforms. The controller can be extended to add new 864e expansion modules which can add up to 144 hardware points. Furthermore, an optional high-quality airflow sensor can be added to sense flow or pressure such as VAV airflow control.

Double the Capabilities for Smart Connected Buildings

Together the Optergy products and the legacy building automation software can create an amazing user experience featuring smart building capabilities. Optergy leverages the P864 Edge controller, resulting in a dramatic improvement in productivity and quality. Together, they also provide an increase in operational performance at a significantly reduced cost.

Using the P864 Controller, users can securely access their devices from any IP connected device to engineer, commission and operate the system. The Optergy software provides the platform for all connected building systems to be viewed together. Thus, users have complete and total system overview and control.

If you want to increase energy savings, improve operational efficiency and have complete control of your smart connected building, contact us at info@optergy.comfor the solution you’ve been waiting for.

Optergy Smart Buildings Show 2018
Smart Buildings Show 2018 Optergy Banner
Optergy Smart Buildings Show 2018