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Building Automation Experts

Optergy are experts in energy management and building automation systems. A technology business within the Oberix Group, Optergy’s mission is to deliver superior software solutions using innovative technology to create intelligent automated buildings that are more cost effective, operationally efficient and manageable for their owners while providing a more productive and safer environment for its occupants.

The business started in 2006 as an energy management system and has organically grown over time to become the business management system software manufacturer it is today. Optergy has reseller partners in North America, Australasia, Asia and Europe with this number expanding rapidly.



Optergy has created great software that offers fantastic value along with exceptional features for the installer (because without you we are nothing) and the end user (we want them to enjoy their building systems).  Doing business with Optergy is easy, there are no an annual license fees and the support system is first class.

New Features

Online new feature request form that lets our users communicate directly with the business to bring fresh new content.

Easy Deployment

Self-installation software is simple and easy requiring only basic skills.

Low Cost Deployment

Video based learning, software includes database, tools, and operating system.


Web based system can be setup and operated with any connected device.

Support Services

User Forum, FAQs, technical support (phone/email), updated print/viewable help.

Easy Updates

Free Software updates, easy download and install mechanism assures the latest content is available.

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Steven Guzelimian and Nicholas Heydon stand at Optergy booth at ARBS 2018
2017 CTA Trophy Optergy Proton Innovative Product of the Year tile