Day 3

The Small Building Specialists would like to say Thank You!

Thank you to all those that came by our booth over the last few days. We are looking forward to engaging further with all our new friends, and while our voices are a bit rough, our message is still strong on small buildings.

We know communicating your building with your tenants can be difficult. So we built Proton to make building integration simple.

We know any building down time or wasted energy can cost you significantly. So we built Proton to keep you notified anytime, anywhere.

We know controls for small buildings have always been too expensive. So we made Proton cost less than any other comparable controller while adding many more advanced capabilities.

We know BMS/EMS systems can be overwhelming and complex. So we built in the most used applications to make Proton easy for anyone to navigate and also provide the training (online or in person) to take that stress away (but if you do get stuck – we are happy to help!).

To find out how to save time, money and effort with a small building controller that does all the hard work for you, visit https://optergy.com/proton.

We look forward to seeing you next year in Chicago!