Day 1

Visit the Small Building Solution Specialists at the AHR EXPO 2017

The masses have arrived! 

We are so happy to be sharing our stories, we have had so many requests for information and to become a reseller.

Day 1 has been big for us, we look forward to doing it again.

Our message about Small Buildings is resonating. If you have a small building problem, we are here to help you solve it.

The buzz today was around Proton being building management system brand agnostic. Simply put, this means it is an open system that can seamlessly communicate with any existing or new systems.

How much time and effort are you spending trying to communicate your base systems with your buildings?

Simply allow your buildings to integrate with an open building controller that save you time and money.

For more information on our open-system software or to become an Optergy reseller partner, visit us at Booth C1075.