Optergy announces rebranding of enterprise management software

Software re-branding reflects the global expansion of an upcoming software company

Contact: Steven Guzelimian
Cell: 425 233 2052
Email: s.guzelimian@optergy.com

Issaquah, WA (February 28, 2017) – Optergy, a leading provider of building automation and energy management software solutions, have announced that the company’s    software will be re-branded globally as Optergy Enterprise.

In 2016 Optergy began to expand its market globally (USA, UK, Europe). Our operations today have become more global in nature and include regions beyond where Optergy began in 2012. This growth brought some challenges regarding Trademark usage in some countries. Due to our success and continued international growth, today we are announcing that our software known as    will be re-branded globally as Optergy Enterprise.

Over the coming weeks, all references to the software will be transitioned to Optergy Enterprise, the software references as well as logo will be changed in the next iteration of the software.

Optergy Enterprise will be fully compatible with previous versions. Following the software update, you will notice a new icon in the top left, and the help file updated. No other changes will be folded in except for the normal upgrades and fixes that we do from time to time, all other functionality of existing software is the same.

“Our company vision is to be the preferred global leader in building and energy management software solutions for building professionals,” stated Steven Guzelimian, President of Optergy. “The Optergy solution has been a front-runner in innovation, and this rebranding of our software establishes the next logical step in supporting our future global growth and development.”

Watch the updated Optergy Enterprise Video by clicking below.

These are exciting times, we look forward to continued success under a new badge called Optergy Enterprise. Should you have any questions regarding this software name change, please feel free to contact Steven Guzelimian at s.guzelimian@optergy.com.

About Optergy

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Optergy is a technology company dedicated to improving the business of managing facilities with tools to improve efficiency, performance and processes, whilst providing key stakeholders with the information and reporting to make informed strategic decisions. From the simplest building, to the largest complex enterprise, our client base is extensive and includes professionals ranging from the education, healthcare, commercial, retail and government sectors.


Optergy is a wholly owned business by the Oberix Group Pty.

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