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Optergy Enterprise Building Automation Software

Optergy Enterprise

Accurately Measure, Effective Management
and Meaningful Reporting

Optergy Enterprise is a web-based building management software (BMS) that automatically controls and monitors all building operations and equipment. The software allows for integration between building automation, energy management and facilities management tools to better manage, measure and report on building data in real-time.

Optergy Enterprise is a scalable solution that can be hosted locally onsite to gain easy access to building information for deeper insights.

Optergy enterprise

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Optergy Enterprise provides 24/7 monitoring of utility metering and sub-metering. It can notify you of the location, time and cost implications of detected anomalies. Optergy Enterprise provides a user friendly interface and real-time measurements specific to each needs. These reports can be accessed via an internet connection anytime, anywhere. With Optergy Enterprise, users can effectively manage energy, target waste and be alerted to the most critical conditions in the building.

Connect your building’s power, water and gas meters together with building automation, lighting, weather and forecast data via a secure network. Optergy Enterprise provides the tools to analyze, compare, and aggregate the data to provide real time benchmarking, forecasting and alarming.

Simple Licensing

Optergy Enterprise provides flexible, scalable licensing
options. There are no ongoing fees. Start with a base
license, and add additional licensing options as required.

License includes:

Support for 150 devices (scalable)

Connectivity (BACnet, Modbus, API)

Automatic data archive and backup

50+ BMS/EMS Applications to Engineer, Commission & Operate the system

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