Building Management, Anytime, Anywhere


Increase Performance

Realize financial benefits from more productive use of labor and reduced costs.

Improve Efficiency

Spend less time managing schedules and tasks with the app that handles the details for you.

Engage Tenants

The information made available to the tenant improves interaction with facilities management.

App Features

The Optergy App acts as a companion dashboard to the Optergy Enterprise / Proton software. It provide a graphical user interface that can be used across multiple sites to bring key stake holders useful information about buildings, facilities and enterprise

The App will allow connection to all your Optergy Enterprise / Proton sites.

Access to the site is via a graphical user interface that can be used to add point data, reports, ambient conditions.

  • Change Sites

    Add multiple sites

  • Dashboards

    Quick view of all your selected trendlogs, BACnet points, reports and weather

  • Alarms

    Receive and acknowledge alarms

  • Tickets

    Create and assign tickets

  • Notices

    Receive notices for live updates

  • After hours

    Create and manage after hour schedules

  • Trend Logs

    View your data the way you want

  • Reports

    Make sense of your data with daily, weekly and monthly reports

  • BACnet Points

    Monitor the status of your BACnet points

  • Weather

    Provides access to your sites weather forecasts and observations